Benhnam Masoumi


 Born in 1365, in Tehran
-Associate's degree in music
-Hold s a degree in teaching Iranian instruments from Tehran conservatory
-Head of rhythm and percussion training department at Tehran conservatory
-compilation and registration training courses for rhythm and percussion instruments automatically at Tehran university of applied sciences and technology
- Member of Iran music house
- Master of music: Ramin Rahimi , Masoud Hamidi , Pezham Akhavas , Pejman Hadadi , Navid Afghah

workshop in Australia

-Rhythm and music workshop in Australia.
-Presenting various researches with topics such as:
1. Strengthening techniques in playing instruments
2. Study of ancient Iranian rhythms
3. Iranian beating music
4. The study between poly rhythm and poly metric differences.
5. Modern rhythm reading.
6. The nature of live performance
7. Art performance


-more than 500 concerts nights in different countries.
- playing in several projects under the supervision of the Austrian Roots revival company since 2017


Playing in various festivals and concerts in different countries, including:
Germany,Netherland , Italy,  Sweden,  swiss,  Austria,  Australia,  Romania, Armenia, india,Turkey , Malaysia and Canada

Behnam Masoumi

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